Mahogany Ziggy for sale- Ron represents the Ziggy tap-bass/gtrs

I am one of the representatives of the German company “Music-Marketing” who produces the Tenayo/Ziggy tap-bass/gtr. These models are designed by luthier Siggy Abramzik. I got a Mahogany Ziggy tap-bass/guitar (like a Stick, Megatar, Warr,etc) with crossed tuning (descending 4ths at the guitarside and ascending 5ths ) demomodel for sale for only 899 euro (VAT included , this one costs normally 1.100 euro). It’s like new.There will be more arriving in September. So be my guest. We also do have 3 EU Ziggys in stock for sale, prices are around 1.600 euro. Mail me at if you’re interested in this one or want to recieve more info about the other budget or EU models!
Check here the other 2 budget models
Here you find the EU more upscale Ziggy models
Mahogany Ziggy Tapguitar