About Ron

Ron Baggerman is a singer, bass- ,guitar- ,keyboard- and tap-guitarist(Ziggy,RonB8 & Kelstone) -player/teacher composer and recording artist.

Ron playing in pianobar Swing in Gouda

Starting on the Chapman Stick around 1980, Ron was one of the pioneering players. Emmett Chapman called him one of the best Stickists in the world. Ron stopped playing Stick in favor of other tap-basses/guitars like the Ziggy 12-string, the RonB8 & the Kelstone 9-string Ron also represents the Kelstone from Belgium for Jan van Kelst. If you’re interested in buying one of the instruments: get in touch with Ron.

Ron has taught and performed on Seminars, Congresses, Festivals & Fairs all over the globe f.e. in Holland, Germany , England, France, Monaco, Italy , Belgium , USA and Canada.