CD Review `THE GIFT` with Stickist Pascal Gutman

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Damien plays mainly the solo´s at tracks 3,4 & 5.
The rest of the guitarsounding parts (solo & rhythmparts both clean & with distortion) are played by Pascal Gutman on the 6 guitarstrings of his Stick.
Pascal plays also a solo at the end of track 2.
Les rythmiques clean et distortion c’est le stick, et les arpèges aussi

Souvenir 18 Oct 2015 Ron bij Midvliet Radio met Ziggy en RonB8

Souvenir uit 2015! “SNARENVIRTUOOS OP BEZOEK BIJ Midvliet Peter van der Aar ontving vanmiddag een geweldige muzikant voor zijn Kakafonie nml. Ron Baggerman. In het programma vertelde Ron over zijn bijzondere instrumenten. Video door John Meijer gemaakt

(Foto´s door John Meijer)

Souvenir 2003 Chapman Stick Seminar/Festival San Jose/USA

Great memories of one of the biggest Chapman Stick Seminars/Festivals in San Jose/California in 2003. Organised by Bob Robert Culbertson. With Stick instructors/performers on the front row from left to right: Tom Griesgraber, André Pelat , the late Virginia Splendore , Steve Adelson , yours sincerely Ron Baggerman , Emmett Chapman, Jim Bruno, Bob Culbertson, Don Schiff, Greg Howard & Jim Lampi!
Short review at Stick.Com
Longer review by Stickist Tom Griesgraber
The 2003 World Stick Seminar was held in San Jose, California over the weekend of November 17-19, 2003. Organized by Bob Culbertson, the seminar also featured a host of other teachers including:

Steve Adelson (New York)
Ron Baggerman (Netherlands)
Tom Griesgraber (California)
Greg Howard (Virginia)
Jim Lampi (England)
Andre Pelat (France)
Don Schiff (California)
Virna Splendore (Italy)

In addition to the teaching, there was a special clinic given by Emmett Chapman and performances by all the teachers along with Emmett. All in all, 66 were in attendence including both teachers and students. It was the largest gathering of it’s kind to date.