24 Oct 2020 Streaming FB concert Ron B * Marc B * Danny K – Jazz & Fusion

Ron Baggerman: Chapman Stick, Vocals & Hammond
Marc Bouter: Saxophone
Danny Kegel: Drums
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11 April 2020 Susanne & Ron

Facebook Streaming Livingroom Concert 19:00 EU Time

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This was streamed from Ron’s Artist page: Ron Baggerman Music
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CD Review `THE GIFT` with Stickist Pascal Gutman

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Various Photo´s
Damien plays mainly the solo´s at tracks 3,4 & 5.
The rest of the guitarsounding parts (solo & rhythmparts both clean & with distortion) are played by Pascal Gutman on the 6 guitarstrings of his Stick.
Pascal plays also a solo at the end of track 2.
Les rythmiques clean et distortion c’est le stick, et les arpèges aussi

DOCU BOULEVARD GOLDEN MUSIC 2018 door cineast John Meijer

Docu op het Toutube kanaal van John Meijer vanaf GGT
Complete Docu op het Toutube kanaal van John Meijer
Met o.a. Het Galaxy Gypsy Trio: Rick Spangenberg, Ron Baggerman & Nicko Christiansen, Esther Regenbogen, Els De Wit, Boudewijn Regenbogen, Martin Reitsma, Peter Kok de Goey, René and the Alligators, Mariska Veres, Magic Strangers, Black Albino’s ft Dorith Hentenaar My Dear Sister, Luminize, Lesley Ruitenbeek, Victor R Meijer, Rosy Pereira, Bennies, Fifties interviews, Els Wohrmann.