Ron B8 (8-string ERG ERB)
Ron B8 door Monique vd GaagRon B8 videos 13sep2015
Pics of the Ron B8
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Exclusively to be ordered from Ron : Ron B8 : 8-string ERB (Extended Range Bass) – ETG (Extended Range Guitar) to be played with regular playing techniques & by tapping. Any bass – or guitarlike tuning is possible. The pickup is from Haeusse, The bridge is from ETS
The wood is alder, but also other woods are possible. Body & Head design by Demian Dta from Gouda. Manufactured through Adrian Maruszczyk from MARUSZCZYK INSTRUMENTS by Mensinger Custom Guitars!
Two standard tunings are possible:
-in 4ths like a bass from low to high B-E-A-D-G-C-F-Bb
-in 4ths but with a 3rd relation between string 2 and 3. from low to high: B-E-A-D-G-C-E-A
Other tunes are possible.
Prices will be around 1.200 euro depending on which wood is used.
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Ron with a Hammond XK1 & a Ziggy tap-bass/guitar. Ziggy tapguitars can be ordered by Ron. Price is around 800 euro for these 12string instruments