Online TouchStyle/Tapguitar lessons (Stick – Ziggy – Warr – Kelstone – Megatar – NS Stick – Ron B8, etc)

My name is Ron Baggerman and I’ve been teaching for almost 40 years.
I was one of the first Chapman Stickists, starting in 1981 and have been playing/teaching all over the world. I’ve taught hundreds of Stickists and other tapguitarists.

I teach Tapguitar (tuning in 4ths & 5ths) by Skype (or Google Video Chat) for most tapping instruments (tuned in descending 4ths and ascending 5ths or 2 groups of 4ths) like the Ziggy tapguitar ™, Kelstone ™, the Chapman Stick ™, Megatar ™ , Warr guitar ™ & the Koyabu ™.
I also teach NS-Stick ™ and Ron B8 ™

You can pay by PAYPAL (see button below). Send the time/date options when you’re available for the lesson(s) to this mail address:

Skype Tapguitarlesson

If you need more info just mail me at

I look forward to teaching you!

Ron Baggerman