Ron Baggerman & his Musicschool History (English)

Ron Baggerman was born in 1959 in Gouda/The Netherlands and is based in The Hague. He teaches guitar, ukelele, bass, keyboard, piano, drums in his musicschool (Ron’s Rockschool) in Gouda. He also gives private-lessons at students homes in The Hague and Wassenaar.

Ron recieved a classical music education from the age of 12 year old at the Salvation Army orchestra in Gouda from conductor Jo van Dam. Ron has been a Salvation Army Soldier for 5 years.
Ron’s first instrument was the cornet, which he studied and played for 5 years.
At the age of 12, Ron added more arrows on his bow by started to simultaneously learning piano, organ, guitar, bass, drums and singing.
He started to play in several rock, blues, soul,funk & jazz bands from the age of 16.
Not just content with learning and playing instruments, he started to teach these instruments when he reached the age of 18.
It was the start of the creation of his music school: ‘Ron’s Rockschool’. He hasn’t looked back since! He has taught hundred of students of all ages and all walks of life at Ron’s Rockschool
Ron’s Rockschool on facebook

Many of these students have been properly prepared by Ron to pass the conservatoria entrance exams.
These students have succesfully completed their conservatorium study.
Check here some students pics

Ron hasn’t looked back since! He has taught hundred of students of all ages and all walks of life at Ron’s Rockschool. Some of them reached national fame in the Netherlands. Notably the Dutch Band “The Handsome Poets” of which Ron taught 3 members. Daniel Brem, the bassist of the band “45 ACID BABIES” was a student of Ron.
Ron taught Stick to Sylvano Matadin, the bassist of the “Urban Dance Squad” & “Anouk”. Ron also taught Stick to bassist Rob van der Loo of the bands “Suncaged” & “Delain”.

When Ron reached the age of 22, he read about a new revolutionary 10-stringed musical instrument called The Chapman Stick.
This was created by Emmett H. Chapman from Los Angeles. This instrument is in the family of tapguitars or touchguitars.
The instrument is played by two-handed tapping. A piano playing technique on a stringed instrument. This way each finger of both hands ‘tap’ a string, that way all fingers from both hands can be used to make a musical tone.

After studying this for 3 years on his own, Ron went to Emmett Chapman to study with the master himself.
In 1988 Ron recieved a golden recommendation letter from Emmett, stating that “Ron one of the very best Stickists in the world. He used a tapguitartechnique what is valuable to many guitarists all over the world.”
Since that moment, Ron has been teaching & touring on numerous International Stick & Tapguitar seminars & festivals.
Worth mentioning are Ron’s performances on the Montreal Jazz Festival and the biggest international Stickseminar/festival in the world in San Jose/Californië where Ron taught with 10 of the world’s best Stickteachers to 100 students.

Stick & Tapguitarmethod Book
Ron is also the author of the Stick/Tapguitar method-book ‘Dazzlin’ Tapguitar Techniques’.

Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory
Ron has also been part of the external examination board at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam/Holland.
Ron has taught 2 years music theory online for the renowned SAE (School for Audio Engineering)

Teaching reviews
Student’s reviews in Dutch about Ron’s teachings

This all hasn’t gone unnoticed to the media. Many articles and announcements about Ron & the Stick & other Tapguitars can be found in international musicmagazines and newspapers.

Ron in English Magazines & Newspapers
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ChapDoc – Pic Ron next to Emmett 2003 Scroll Down

Ron in Dutch Music Magazines & Newspapers
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Magazine:’Blueskrant 2015
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Ron in German Music Magazines & Newspapers
Magazine:’Fachblatt’ 1989
Magazine:’Fachblatt’ 1989 (details)
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Ron in French Media
Magazine: ‘Le Telegramm’ October 31, 2001

Ron in Spanish Media
Magazine:’Guitarra’ 2003
Stick Camp Spain & Stick Trio Concert Tour 2003

Ron has released 2 CDs with the Chapman Stick
They can be streamed here:
CD album ‘Galaxy Gypsy’
CD album ‘Seven Sisters’

Video’s on Youtube of Ron’s Radio/TV appearances in Holland
Radio/TV Midvliet Leidschendam October 2015 (Short Version)
Radio/TV Midvliet Leidschendam October 2015 (Long Version)

Ron’s Performance Video’s
‘Killing Time in Space’ Theater 2015
‘Thrill is Gone’- Theater Evertshuis 2011
‘Moon over Bourbon Street’-Theater Evertshuis 2011

Ron Baggerman

Ron’s Rockschool
Galaxy Gypsy Music Center