Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover) 27 Dec 2021 Ron on Chapman Stick & Vocals

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At the Memorial Service of/for Ibrahim Maurice Zaher at the Martial Arts Center in The Hague! Check this link for more pics

I played and sang this as a tribute to this unique soul, who’s passionate and caring spirit will never be forgotten by everyone whom ever had the fortune to cross his path.

We are immensly sad but at the same time was this service a celebration of his life with family and friends. Thanks so much, Maurice, for touching us all with your warm soul. Have a great journey to the next stage in your being! We surely will have the pleasure to meet up again one day!
Thanks to Monique ‘Lady Hemp’ for filming it

My Life Is Going On (Casa de Papal) video & tab for 10/12 string Tapguitars (Stick, Ziggy, etc)

Video by Ron on 10-string Stick

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This is for all 10 & 12string tapguitars tuned in 4ths and inverted 5ths, like the Chapman Stick, Ziggy, Koyabu, Warr, Touch Guitar, Krappy Guitar, Megatar, etc.