My Life Is Going On (Casa de Papal) video & tab for 10/12 string Tapguitars (Stick, Ziggy, etc)

Video by Ron on 10-string Stick

If you would like to purchase the transcription/tablature/sheetmusic, please check this link to the tune in my Gumroad online store

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This is for all 10 & 12string tapguitars tuned in 4ths and inverted 5ths, like the Chapman Stick, Ziggy, Koyabu, Warr, Touch Guitar, Krappy Guitar, Megatar, etc.

Aug 16th 2020 – Ron & Danny Kegel – Classic Rock @ Blaze & Co (Grill/Bar)

Blaze & Co : Gevers Deynootplein 36 2586 CL Den Haag (Scheveningen)
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Ron @ agenda Blaze & Co
Ron Baggerman: Chapman Stick, Keyboards & Vocals
Danny Kegel: Drums
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July 5 – 2020 Ron B & Friends – Gouda Studio’s

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Ron Baggerman: Chapman Stick & Vocals
Satindra Kalpoe: Drums (Anouk/Wouter Kiers)
Nippy Noya: Percussion (Massada/Billy Cobham/Jan Akkerman)
Daniel Bloem Beretty: Percussion (Massada)
Rick Spangenberg: Percussion (Livin’Blues)
Marc Bouter: Tenor Saxophone