True Colors 23 Dec 2021 Triple L – Brielle – Presentatie: Great Citizen Movement

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Vlak voor kerst speelde de band Triple L de muzikale omlijsting bij de presentatie van het ‘letter to the future / dromen durven delen’ project van Michaéla Schippers en Marloes Vis van Heemst, waaronder dit liedje van Cindy Lauper. Click hier voor meer beelden van dit optreden Gefilmd en ge-edit door Rico Brouwer
Triple L bestaat uit:
Wijnand Schippers: Ukelelle en zang
Nippy Noya: Percussie
Ron Baggerman: Chapman Stick, Touch Guitar, Hammond en zang
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24 Oct 2020 Streaming FB concert Ron B * Marc B * Danny K – Jazz & Fusion

Ron Baggerman: Chapman Stick, Vocals & Hammond
Marc Bouter: Saxophone
Danny Kegel: Drums
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11 April 2020 Susanne & Ron

Facebook Streaming Livingroom Concert 19:00 EU Time

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This was streamed from Ron’s Artist page: Ron Baggerman Music
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CD Review `THE GIFT` with Stickist Pascal Gutman

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Various Photo´s
Damien plays mainly the solo´s at tracks 3,4 & 5.
The rest of the guitarsounding parts (solo & rhythmparts both clean & with distortion) are played by Pascal Gutman on the 6 guitarstrings of his Stick.
Pascal plays also a solo at the end of track 2.
Les rythmiques clean et distortion c’est le stick, et les arpèges aussi